SpongeBob's Adventures

SpongeBob has concern for our Worlds Weather.

In Korea, we have four seasons in one year : spring, summer, fall and winter. Our SpongeBob felt drawn to Korea’s stable weather. Contrary to his expectation, Korea’s weather has been unpredictable recently. We had an unseasonable snow in the middle of April, cold destroyed flowers and buds, funny thing is, it was quite warm,.

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A Dangerous Storm

Sponge Bob is quickly discovering that Australia is certainly a land of sharp contrast and sudden change, as a Sponge he is well used to the sea but has never seen it from this viewpoint. Dorothea Mackellar, a famous poet wrote; I love a sunburnt country, A land of sweeping plains, Of ragged mountain ranges,.

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Snow time in China

It was snowing large flakes early in the morning in a special part of China on November 4th. “Oh Ying! It’s snowing large flakes outside!”, surprised Kate shouted. “Oh, yeah! lt is snowing!”, replied Ying. It looked like tiny sponges were floating in the air. So just like a child, SpongeBob ran out the door.  .

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