SpongeBob's Adventures

What do you do for work?

Last week Spongebob took Lexi to his workplace in Australia. He explained to her the types of things that he does at his work like typing, printing, stapling, filing and of course answering the phones. This is very different to his previous job in his hometown of Bikini Bottom. There he worked for Mr. Krabs.

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SpongeBob takes Lexi to a wedding!

SpongeBob loves wedding! This is because he loves seeing his friends happy, and people are always happy at weddings. SpongeBob is excited for his friends in China because soon they will be getting married too. So he is planning his trip back to China to attend their wedding. Even though SpongeBob can’t go to all.

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A visit to Shanxi Province – China.

SpongeBob has heard many interesting stories about Shanxi Province and its history from his good friend Cui. Cui and his family all grew up in Shanxi Province, so SpongeBob felt it would be a good idea to visit the area and see these stories come to life. So SpongeBob, Cui, Zhaona, Angie and Peter hired.

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Zhao qi ran draws a picture for SpongeBob!

SpongeBob felt very special recently when he received a picture from China. A very cute little girl named Zhao qi ran decided that she would like to draw SpongeBob a picture. SpongeBob loves this picture because it is of his hometown and his best friends Patrick Star and Gary the Snail. He really misses them!.

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A melting Sponge!

SpongeBob is not looking forward to this week of Australian weather! The weatherman forecast that it would be 43 degrees in Melbourne today! With the rest of the week being well into the 30’s. SpongeBob just isn’t sure what he should do with himself in this kind of weather. He thinks that keeping cool is.

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Cui and SpongeBob’s Adventures in Australia

SpongeBob was very excited to hear that his close friend Cui would be visiting Australia from China. SpongeBob was beginning to miss his Chinese friends. So he decided he would have to plan lots of exciting things for Cui and him to do and explore! As most of Cui’s trip would be based in Melbourne,.

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