SpongeBob's Adventures

My new friend – Cho-rong

This is SpongeBob’s new friend. How cute! This is a tame rabbit called “Lionhead”. She is two years old, and is named Cho-rong because her eyes twinkle. She is as popular as SpongeBob and has just as many friends as he does. I’m sure that she is aware of her own popularity, because when she.

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Charlotte’s Baby Rabbit

    I think every little girl would love to cuddle a baby rabbit, look at Charlotte’s huge smile she loves this little creature, I wonder if it’s a boy or a girl, and I wonder if Charlotte has thought of a name. Can you think of a name?       Now this looks.

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SpongeBob visits the nursing home

Recently Spongebob went to an aged care centre to check out the resident rabbit.  Her name is Bonnie but she is only a baby and still has plenty of growing to do. She is very placid and the residents there love to hold and cuddle her.  Not many things brighten up the day for those who.

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