SpongeBob's Adventures

Fish Fingers and Frog Finding

Yesterday Charlotte came to play at the office with SpongeBob and Uncle Peter. SpongeBob and Charlotte both love to explore and play with the fish in the pond. Charlotte put her hands in the water and the orange goldfish came straight up to nibble on her fingers. We decided to put our feet in the.

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Bubble Machine!

Who needs a boring old air conditioner.. when you can have an ultra funky, 70’s robot looking, bubble blowing, cooling machine!!! Not only does it have these incredible features, but also uses up to 90% less energy than a normal air conditioner.. and cleans and filters the outdoor air before it blows it out as.

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Goodbye Paper SpongeBob

Remember the paper SpongeBob that joined our office? We assembled him carefully and he sat at Jasmine’s desk guarding it whilst she was out. But someone sneaky, thought it would be a good idea to take him outside and let him look around. Now he was out on the very high balcony one day and.

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Friendships and Retirements

SpongeBob has many underwater skills having lived under the sea for such a long time. So after watching the iPhone slide silently into the pond, he knew he had to jump in after it. However the excitement of the whole situation left him feeling very tired and a little shaken. After pulling the iPhone to.

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The Sinking iPhone

At the entrance of our office is a lovely little pond, with rocks, pebbles and lilypads. Peter looks after the goldfish that live in the pond and SpongeBob sometimes watches them swim around. But a couple of days ago, Peter dropped something in the pond which should never go near water!!! He was looking down.

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New Arrivals!

Big things happened at the office last week. About five days ago SpongeBob went outside and guess what he saw in the pond? It looked like someone had put some beaten egg whites into the pond. But who would do that? After a closer examination he realised it wasn’t egg whites at all; it was.

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