SpongeBob's Adventures

What’s your favourite Sushi?

To all my Japanese friends… I love sushi! It’s a good thing that everyone in the office likes sushi so I often get to eat it (if they are in a sharing mood!) Look at all this.. it’s probably too much for me to eat but my favourite is california roll. What’s not to like.

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How well do you know the ‘Real’ SpongeBob?

Print this crossword out and see how well you have been reading SpongeBob’s blog. Over the past couple of months we have told you about the ‘real’ SpongeBob.

SpongeBob’s Bucket List

Swim in the Great Barrier Reef Climb Ayers Rock Learn to surf Learn to play the didgeridoo Hot Air Ballooning Sleep in a swag under the stars Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge Ride a horse at sunset along the beach Take a ferry to Tasmania Eat a witchery grub Not many Australians even get to see.

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Sponge Baking.

There have been some debates in the office as to whether sponges tan or not. After all, when in Australia, do as the Australians do, and we love to sunbake on the beach and build up a wonderful bronze tan. So some of us have been encouraging SpongeBob to take up the opportunity on this.

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Spot the difference

Would you be able to spot the differences in these 2 pictures? The average person should be able to find 10 differences.. Or if you are really observant, you may be able to find 12 differences! And do you think SpongeBob’s eyes should be light blue or dark blue? I think he looks cute with.

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