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Huge Waves hit Chili and Peru

5 July 2013 Last updated at 23:41 GMT Waves as high as 7m (22 ft) have hit parts of Chile and coastal areas are on alert as high winds and tidal currents sweep across parts of South America’s coast. Footage showed huge waves surging onto the streets of Antofagasta in Chile where at least one.

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Maccu Picchu

Everyone says, “You have to visit Maccu Picchu if you are in Peru!” Maccu Picchu (or “Ma-Pi” as the locals call it!)┬áis as a world heritage site and one of the few Inca sites that did not get discovered and destroyed when the Spaniards invaded the country. The reason it was not found is because.

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The South of America!!

Many people have been to the north of America but not to the south. To be honest, SpongeBob and Jasmine did not know what to expect from South America. Each part of the world has its own unique culture- language, food, landscape, currency, and the list goes on.. The journey would be mostly of Peru.

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