SpongeBob's Adventures

Cobb & Co in the Strathbogie Ranges

Throughout SpongeBob’s adventures in Australia he has taken quite a liking to the Australian landscape in particular, the countryside. One of the things he loves to do when he goes to work with Peter is to stare at the beautiful Australian paintings in the office by local artist Richard Linton. Last week SpongeBob was excited.

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Sponge bob wants to paint

Sponge bob is a happy guy. He doesn’t need anything else to make him happy but friends. But it’s been raining almost two weeks so Sponge Bob just stayed at home. He decided to do something. He decided to find a hobby for himself. “I can paint”!: screamed Sponge Bob. So he decided to go.

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Kate and Pomelo SpongeBob

Kate is a new friend of SpongeBob’s. They met early one morning when Kate went for a visit to Haruna’s house. Kate and Haruna talked about all of SpongeBob’s travelling adventures and why he was able to travel all around the world meeting new people. The first time they met, Kate knew she loved SpongeBob..

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Charlotte’s Busy Day

Hello it’s Charlotte here! I’m still in the hospital and I havn’t been feeling really well. I am getting lots of medicine to make me better and the doctors and nurses have really been looking after me. Sometimes I don’t really like leaving my room but I know I need to go with the nurses.

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Kira and some other friends have been drawing beautiful pictures for SpongeBob! He hopes that one day he too will be a fantastic artist.. slowly he is learning to use as much detail as his skillful friends!  

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