SpongeBob's Adventures

SpongeBob goes on an island getaway

SpongeBob has been feeling a bit stressed lately as he gets back into routine after his return from his business trip to China. While SpongeBob did have a wonderful time visiting old friends and making new ones in China, he felt that he needed a holiday to unwind and relax. And we all know that.

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Visiting my ocean home!

And guess where I went next!!!?  To my home, the SEA!!!! Can you see how happy I am, I met up with all of my old friends too!      One minute we see a beautiful scenic view of the sea, but then we are disappointed to see garbage in my home.. I hope one day there.

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Hong Kong!!

Lots to see and do in Hong Kong. During the day we found some amazing trees. One was growing sideways instead of up in to the sky. Some people must have hit their heads on this tree as they walked along the foot path.. there are now signs warning you to be careful and ‘don’t.

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Fellow Sponges

SpongeBob is still getting used to living in Australia! When he lived in the ocean, he was the cleanest sea creature you ever met. In fact he helped clean the ocean!! Every day he would act like a pool filter and filter about 20 Litres of water. But in Australia he gets dry, dusty and.

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Under The Sea in Portsea

At the very south of Melbourne’s bay, in a little town called Portsea, Vinka had taken her snorkel and goggles for an underwater adventure. There were many sea creatures to see once you began to dive and after a short while, Vinka stumbled across something very relevant to this blog! She found a sponge garden.

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SpongeBob by the Sea

Look at the glorious view from Oliver’s Hill! We took SpongeBob up to the lookout and he was desperate to dive into the sea. But not this time. We still wanted to show SpongeBob some more great locations in Australia, so we wouldn’t let him go for a swim. Some would call it torment, but.

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