SpongeBob's Adventures

Where will you go on your holiday?

SpongeBob is excited because soon it will be holiday time! A lot of his friends are going away on holidays. One of his friends is travelling to Europe to visit family. And another of his friends is going camping. SpongeBob loves camping! In Australia there are many beautiful places to camp and SpongeBob has visited.

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SpongeBob travels to the great Murray River

SpongeBob’s adventures around Australia continued this weekend as he travelled North to New South Wales (NSW) to visit the people who lived in the little town of Barham. SpongeBob travelled up with a big group of friends and family who were all very excited to meet the people in this town because they do not.

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Peter & Angie take SpongeBob camping.

Peter and Angie are driving towards Hotham for a holiday this week. They will spend one night in a campground and then go up to Mt Hotham. SpongeBob has heard all about camping in the Australian bush and that often you are surrounded by lots of water and can sleep under the stars! So he.

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