SpongeBob's Adventures

What do you do for work?

Last week Spongebob took Lexi to his workplace in Australia. He explained to her the types of things that he does at his work like typing, printing, stapling, filing and of course answering the phones. This is very different to his previous job in his hometown of Bikini Bottom. There he worked for Mr. Krabs.

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Have you ever heard of Kimchi?

This winter, our SpongeBob visited Korea which was covered with snow. In winter, Korean people make kimchi for the winter. It is really called “Kimjang Kimchi” but it is easier to just say Kimchi. This food is a national Korean food. Korean Kimchi is quite pungent but is very delicious. Kimchi is usually made with.

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An update on Ha Yule

Do you remember Ha Yule? Ha Yule is now five months old since the last post. She expresses her feelings with her smiles and crying like when she hears the sound of her mom and dad’s voice. Just five short months ago, she was wriggling in her mom’s tummy, but now she comes into the.

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SpongeBob’s daily life!

SpongeBob wanted to know how all his friends were spending autumn this year! ┬áSpongeBob hasn’t been standing about idly but as usual he has been doing his best to be helpful to his friends here in Korea. Starting with the warm spring, through to the hot summer and finally the cool autumn, SpongeBob has been.

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SpongeBob goes out to the field.

The harvest season is finally here. Our SpongeBob often went to the field and stood guard over it in his spare time. But a few days ago, the heavy rain did great damage to the crops. Just because it has a poor harvest does not mean he can just sit by and watch this tragedy.

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SpongeBob went to a valley.

On August the 7th, it was passed initial day of autumn, but it is still scorching hot. So Kate, jun and SpongBob went to a little valley near their house. Kate heard about a valley of pure and clear water is pouring down it, within half hour of her house.The name is Dongwol valley, Kate.

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