SpongeBob's Adventures

I’m going for SpongeBob!

Recently we read an article about a 3 year old toddler in Ballarat who climbed inside a vending machine because he wanted a SpongeBob toy. When our SpongeBob read this article, he felt sorry that the little boy didn’t have a Sponge of his own. SpongeBob believes that everyone should have a SpongeBob. What would.

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Create your own Paper Sponge

div class=”mceTemp mceIEcenter”> Just follow these simple steps: 1- Cut out around all edges 2- Fold back the flaps (with letters) 3- Cut along grey lines (there are 8 lines to cut) 4- Fold the flat boxes into the shape of a cube 5- Glue all flaps corresponding to their letters 6- Insert the body.

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How well do you know the ‘Real’ SpongeBob?

Print this crossword out and see how well you have been reading SpongeBob’s blog. Over the past couple of months we have told you about the ‘real’ SpongeBob.


Can you complete this “Australian SpongeBob” Find-A-Word! Print me out and try to find these 19 words. SpongeBob is worried- it looks hard! Spongebob Gary Kangaroo Pants Bloogle Squidward Koala Pineapple Adventure Krab Sandy Sea Beach Jelly Patrick Friends Oz Square Australia


SpongeBob was originally going to be called SpongeBoy. Patrick has a .02 second attention span. Like a real octopus, Squidwards pupils are rectangular. Gary and Patrick are cousins. The Krabby Patty is probably vegetarian. Otherwise the sea creatures eating it would be cannibals. SpongeBob is a shapeshifter. When SpongeBob cries he re-absorbs his tears. SpongeBob.

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Spot the difference

Would you be able to spot the differences in these 2 pictures? The average person should be able to find 10 differences.. Or if you are really observant, you may be able to find 12 differences! And do you think SpongeBob’s eyes should be light blue or dark blue? I think he looks cute with.

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