SpongeBob's Adventures

Friendships and Retirements

SpongeBob has many underwater skills having lived under the sea for such a long time. So after watching the iPhone slide silently into the pond, he knew he had to jump in after it. However the excitement of the whole situation left him feeling very tired and a little shaken. After pulling the iPhone to.

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The Sinking iPhone

At the entrance of our office is a lovely little pond, with rocks, pebbles and lilypads. Peter looks after the goldfish that live in the pond and SpongeBob sometimes watches them swim around. But a couple of days ago, Peter dropped something in the pond which should never go near water!!! He was looking down.

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No iPhone!

The special iPhone has been briefly confiscated from SpongeBob. It’s not wise to spend every spare moment on a piece of technology and so we have gone to great measures to extract the device from SpongeBob’s clenching hands. He is having withdrawals and seems a bit overwhelmed with the use of a computer. Understandably, because.

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Special iPhone

SpongeBob has taken hold of the special iPhone and never wants to give it back. He cheekily snatches it at every opportunity and loves playing games. But most of all he is keeping in contact with his friends. He is very popular and everyone misses him back home, so he lets them know how he.

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