SpongeBob's Adventures

A visit to Shanxi Province – China.

SpongeBob has heard many interesting stories about Shanxi Province and its history from his good friend Cui. Cui and his family all grew up in Shanxi Province, so SpongeBob felt it would be a good idea to visit the area and see these stories come to life. So SpongeBob, Cui, Zhaona, Angie and Peter hired.

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Cui and SpongeBob’s Adventures in Australia

SpongeBob was very excited to hear that his close friend Cui would be visiting Australia from China. SpongeBob was beginning to miss his Chinese friends. So he decided he would have to plan lots of exciting things for Cui and him to do and explore! As most of Cui’s trip would be based in Melbourne,.

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SpongeBob Visits the Bible Lands

SpongeBob recently took a trip to Jerusalem and the Bible lands with his good friend Nadine. SpongeBob was very excited as he knew it was a famous and historical city, full of importance to many people. There were so many things to do that SpongeBob and Nadine weren’t sure where to start. So they picked.

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Surfing Hangzhou with SpongeBob and Kira.

SpongeBob was excited to hear that his good friend Kira was off on another adventure. Last time we saw Kira she was travelling Mauritius with her family. This time Kira and SpongeBob took off for Hangzhou in China. Hangzhou is a city in Eastern China. It’s weather is humid sub-tropical, so Spongebob and Kira were.

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Where will you go on your holiday?

SpongeBob is excited because soon it will be holiday time! A lot of his friends are going away on holidays. One of his friends is travelling to Europe to visit family. And another of his friends is going camping. SpongeBob loves camping! In Australia there are many beautiful places to camp and SpongeBob has visited.

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Monkey Madness

SpongeBob has been thinking a lot about his friends under the sea, and he misses them terribly! He has noticed that things on land and things under the sea look quite different! Recently he visited his friend Desiree’s house and she showed him lots of pictures of exciting places and friends she had made. SpongeBob.

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