SpongeBob's Adventures

What do you eat?

Since spongebob arrived in London last week it hasn’t stopped raining. Unfortunately there is not much to do when it won’t stop raining but to stay inside where it is nice and warm with a cup of tea (spongebob tells me he likes the green tea I have been making him). So to fill in.

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Where do nachos come from?

If you live in a Spanish-speaking country and your parents named you Ignacio, there’s a good chance your school friends will call you Nacho, just as Francisco is Paco and Juan Jose is Juanjo. Most American sources attribute nachos to a bloke called Nacho Anaya, who was working in the Victory Club in Ciudad Acuna,.

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SpongeBob likes Bananas!

Sponge Bob loves fruits, and he especially loves bananas. So one day Sean decided to take him to an area in the south of China where people grow bananas. We took 1.5 hours bus ride from the city and came to a small village near China-Myanmar border. People there grow bananas and rubber trees. During.

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Local Dai Food

When SpongeBob visited the banana village, local people kindly invited him for lunch. An old lady cooked local Dai food. People here are called Dai people, and their culture is related to Thai people. SpongeBob was impressed with the food, especially the bambooshoot soup! It has local bambooshoot, mint, and fish. It is sour and.

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SpongeBob’s Trip to Xishuangbanna

SpongeBob wanted to travel again and this time he chose somewhere he can stay warm even in December. He came to Xi-shuang-banna, Yunnan province which is in the south of China, near the border to Laos and Myanmar. He arrived by air at night and was surprised to see so many palm trees and exotic buildings!.

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Morning on the Mountain

Mt Hotham is amazing today not only because of the weather but also because there are no people around. This means it’s really peaceful and quiet. Mt Hotham is usually very busy during winter, because it snows and everyone comes here to ski or snowboard. But we are here during Summer so there aren’t many.

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