SpongeBob's Adventures

SpongeBob’s daily life!

SpongeBob wanted to know how all his friends were spending autumn this year! ┬áSpongeBob hasn’t been standing about idly but as usual he has been doing his best to be helpful to his friends here in Korea. Starting with the warm spring, through to the hot summer and finally the cool autumn, SpongeBob has been.

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SpongeBob goes out to the field.

The harvest season is finally here. Our SpongeBob often went to the field and stood guard over it in his spare time. But a few days ago, the heavy rain did great damage to the crops. Just because it has a poor harvest does not mean he can just sit by and watch this tragedy.

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SpongeBob tries to help Farmers and wild animals

Recently, farmers in Kate’s village had a serious worry. Wild animals often appear at the farmhouses. This is not a problem for only the farmers living in Kate’s village. Due to rapid urbanization, many farming villages have had a real headache dealing with the wild animals. People build furniture by cutting down trees and clear.

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