SpongeBob's Adventures

What do you do for work?

Last week Spongebob took Lexi to his workplace in Australia. He explained to her the types of things that he does at his work like typing, printing, stapling, filing and of course answering the phones. This is very different to his previous job in his hometown of Bikini Bottom. There he worked for Mr. Krabs.

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A visit to Shanxi Province – China.

SpongeBob has heard many interesting stories about Shanxi Province and its history from his good friend Cui. Cui and his family all grew up in Shanxi Province, so SpongeBob felt it would be a good idea to visit the area and see these stories come to life. So SpongeBob, Cui, Zhaona, Angie and Peter hired.

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Surfing Hangzhou with SpongeBob and Kira.

SpongeBob was excited to hear that his good friend Kira was off on another adventure. Last time we saw Kira she was travelling Mauritius with her family. This time Kira and SpongeBob took off for Hangzhou in China. Hangzhou is a city in Eastern China. It’s weather is humid sub-tropical, so Spongebob and Kira were.

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What sort of pet do you have?

On one of SpongeBob’s recent adventures in China he meet a young boy on a train who was bringing home his first pet. SpongeBob got very excited because this boys pet was the same as SpongeBob’s pet at his home under the sea – a SNAIL! SpongeBob has been thinking about how much he missed.

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SpongeBob’s daily life!

SpongeBob wanted to know how all his friends were spending autumn this year! ┬áSpongeBob hasn’t been standing about idly but as usual he has been doing his best to be helpful to his friends here in Korea. Starting with the warm spring, through to the hot summer and finally the cool autumn, SpongeBob has been.

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Fruit Paradise!

It has been very hot in Xishuanbanna, and nothing is as refreshing as tropical fruits! One day SpongeBob went to the local vege market and bought a lot of fruits. He is so happy to be surrounded by exotic fruits!   From top left, there are lychees, dragon fruits,┬árambutans, limes, peaches, pineapple, and melon. At.

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