SpongeBob's Adventures

Charlotte’s afternoon in the 1940’s

Last week Charlotte spent the afternoon admiring and playing with some old cars. It was like being transported back in time to the 1940’s. In the 1940’s people drove cars like in the pictures. They also dressed differently to what we do. In those days the children went to school at 5 years old, with.

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Summer Fun for Charlotte

  Charlotte at the beach It’s Summer time now in Australia and Charlotte is having a holiday to relax at a little seaside fishing village called Corinella in Southern Victoria. Charlotte is staying at a small farm where everyday she can pat and talk to Benny the horse and the two black farm cats who’s.

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Charlotte has some fun!

Charlotte went to a very fun and exciting new place, where there are very friendly people for little boys and girls to play with! At this place Charlotte played in a sports car! In the sports car, her Uncle told her about a special visitor that she would have to find. This visitor was hiding.

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Congrats Matt & Flick!!

We have been keeping track of SpongeBob’s chauffeur business and all the exciting events he has been attending. We have more photos of the engagement party and wedding of our good friends Matt and Flick. Matt and Flick’s friends had spent weeks preparing for the party, planning and making platters of food, arranging invitations and.

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