SpongeBob's Adventures

Space Probe Mission

Have we forgotten about Bloogle?… No of course not! Are you wondering, what has been happening with him and SpongeBob? How is their friendship progressing? We know Bloogle’s childhood was without friends, family, and even an identity! The process of ‘finding out who you are??’ is difficult if no one is there to help you.

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Friendships and Retirements

SpongeBob has many underwater skills having lived under the sea for such a long time. So after watching the iPhone slide silently into the pond, he knew he had to jump in after it. However the excitement of the whole situation left him feeling very tired and a little shaken. After pulling the iPhone to.

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The day we met Bloogle.

We have read about Bloogle’s power struggle recently, with a new face (SpongeBob) in the office.. so I believe it is time to explain Bloogle’s beginning. Where did he come from? What exactly is this lovely/unusual creature? And what sort of a person is he? Well to tell you this story, we must begin with.

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Tension in the office

The arrival of Spongebob has caused quite a stir amongst staff and long-term residents in the office. The staff have embraced this smiling yellow sponge while our single long-term resident “Bloogle” has taken a decided disliking. Bloogle lives on the next desk over from Spongebob and runs the office after-hours. When the lights turn off,.

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