SpongeBob's Adventures

Another adventure

SpongeBob had such an enjoyable bike ride with Peter and Angie! Yes, Angie invited him and the two seem to be getting along so far. They saw the native plants of Australia and also some rare pencils growing along the bike path. SpongeBob positioned himself on Angie’s bike where he could get a good view.

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Bike incident.

One of SpongeBob’s friends just had their bike stolen 🙁 He knows how disappointed he would be if he lost his. If anyone sees the missing bike, please let us know! Maybe someone has a spare bicycle?

The day we met Bloogle.

We have read about Bloogle’s power struggle recently, with a new face (SpongeBob) in the office.. so I believe it is time to explain Bloogle’s beginning. Where did he come from? What exactly is this lovely/unusual creature? And what sort of a person is he? Well to tell you this story, we must begin with.

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