SpongeBob's Adventures

An update on Ha Yule

Do you remember Ha Yule? Ha Yule is now five months old since the last post. She expresses her feelings with her smiles and crying like when she hears the sound of her mom and dad’s voice. Just five short months ago, she was wriggling in her mom’s tummy, but now she comes into the.

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An overwhelming moment

On April 15, A baby was born. The baby is Kate’s brother’s daughter. South Korea allows doctors and nurses to inform parents of the sex of their unborn child after five months into a pregnancy. It is common nowadays for doctors to indirectly allow the parents to know the baby’s gender beforehand by saying, “You.

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Baby love

Babies, babies, babies.. These cute baby girls aren’t always as innocent and sweet as they look, but SpongeBob came to the rescue and they were fascinated….and quiet. SpongeBob uses his incredible abilities to stop children from crying, fidgeting and arguing. Even their poopy nappies do not disable SpongeBob’s skills. When a baby is having a┬átantrum,.

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