SpongeBob's Adventures

Alpaca or Llama

SpongeBob has been asked what is his favourite animal? We know that Charlotte’s favourite animal is a horse and when we asked around the office, we had a wonderful variety of answers. Jasmine’s favourite is an octopus. Peter’s favourite is a dog. Andrew’s favourite is a monkey. Graeme’s favourite is a giant panda. Desiree’s favourite.

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Welcome to your new home Chihuahua!

Chihuahua. Have you ever heard of that before?? Pronounced cha-wow-wa… Did you know it is a breed of dog! It is the smallest breed of dog in the world and Charlotte has just adopted a new short-haired Chihuahua named Chloe! Charlotte has never owned a puppy before but she does have a capybara. I wonder.

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Charlotte makes a new friend

On Saturday Charlotte had a special visitor come to the hospital. This visitor was very pretty and had thick black curly hair in piggy tails with bows. She also had pink nail polish on her toes and her name was Ebony. Charlotte and Ebony quickly became friends. Charlotte wanted to introduce Ebony to another friend.

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Animals working together!

SpongeBob has been telling us some fascinating stories about some animals! He says that when he lived in the ocean there were a few animals that lived together but were very odd couples! He is talking about symbiotic relationships. Have you ever heard of that before? SpongeBob wants to explain what it is! This first.

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