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SpongeBob learns about Olive Oil

Olive_OilSpongebob loves to learn about things that are healthy for your body, and his latest interest is Olive Oil. He read a new article about an ingredient found in extra-virgin olive oil called ‘oleocanthal’ that has been known as a compound capable of killing a variety of human cancer cells. A team of researchers has uncovered not only how oleocanthal destroys cancer cells, but that it is able to do so while leaving healthy cells unharmed.

The article reads: “What first surprised the scientists was how quickly the oleocanthal destroyed the cancer cells. While apoptosis requires between 16 and 24 hours to take effect, the oleocanthal was killing off the cancer cells within 30 minutes to one hour. This led the team to believe that there were some other factors at play.”

“What they discovered was that the oleocanthal was piercing the cancer cell’s vesicles, the containers that store the cell’s waste. By puncturing these “dumpsters,” as Breslin describes them, it creates an outpouring of enzymes that then cause the cell to die.”

After learning about this Spongebob decided to make himself a salad with a good lug of olive oil over the top. He also decided to send some of this healthy olive oil to his friends in China so they can enjoy the delicious flavour and benefits.

To try the olive oil that Spongebob has been eating, you can buy it here: www.loewe.com.au/category/4664/olive-oil/

Languages available: Chinese (Simplified) Japanese Korean

1 comment on “SpongeBob learns about Olive Oil”
  • Cui
    April 21, 2015 at 11:45 am
    Cui says:

    It is amazing! We know more about Olive Oil is good for our healthy.
    Thanks SpongeBob!!
    And In China we will have the same Olive Oil with SpongeBob. It is really a good new..


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