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Peters European Adventure – Part 2

So i’m back again and I can’t wait to show you some of the pictures from their next destination, Croatia! They went to two different cities – Dubrovnik and Zagreb.

Dubrovnik view FeatureFirst, let me tell a little about the town Dubrovnik. It is a city in southern Croatia facing the Adriatic Sea. It has well-kept buildings from different eras and architectural styles such as Baroque, Renaissance and Gothic. One of the things the city is known for is its characteristic Old Town, with massive stone walls surrounding it. These ancient walls have protected the civilization for centuries. You can actually go on a beautiful trip around them, and of course Peter and Angie wouldn’t miss out on such an amazing sightseeing experience. Everywhere they looked there was a beautiful view of either the landscape, the sea, the mountains or the island. Peter told me, that the city also has a local market where you could buy anything from cheese to souvenirs. I just love those kind of markets!

Then they continued their trip to Zagreb, which is the largest city and the capital of the Republic of Croatia. It is the most important transport hub in Croatia and the city are situated in the middle of the country away from the sea. Zagreb has a rich history dating from the Roman times to the present time. The city is quite contemporary with its many restaurants, cafes and bars which Peter and Angie found as a good opportunity to rest their legs from all the walking around.

From Croatia their adventures continued to Austria, Innsbruck. One of the first things that met Peter and Angie’s eye in Austria was the many refugees at one of the train stations. As you probably have heard it is a big problem around the world. People are fleeing from their homelands, especially Syria where IS dominates. In the hope of a better life they flee to different European countries. War is a horrible thing and we really need a world without it!Innsbruck Feature

Well, no more about that! Moving on to Innsbruck. This city is placed in the Alps and is a very beautiful place. In winter it is known for its winter sports, but it is just as exiting to visit when the snow only can be seen up in the highest mountains because of its great nature. I think the picture to the right is Peters favourite from that part of the trip. Isn’t it beautiful?

Well, that was all for part 2. I still need to tell you guys about  the museum they visited in London and about some destinations outside Europe. Stay tuned!


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