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Peters European Adventure – Part 1

Devonshire Tea FeatureSo its been a while since the last post. But after my huge success in my newest movie “The Spongebob movie: Sponge out of Water”, it was time for a break.

So what is new? Well, Peter just told me all about his trip to Europe, it was so exiting that I need to tell all of you too. Let me start from the beginning:

Peter and Angie started in London where they visited their lovely daughter Nadine. And what is one of the most important things to do when you visit the UK? To eat scones and drink tea of course! Or as the British call it: Devonshire Tea. Peter told me that they all went to a really nice place with the best scones he has tasted in a long time. Mmm…now I want scones!

Red Deer FeatureThey also went to Richmond park where you could see wild animals, including red deers. Such an awesome animal and Peter managed to get some really good pictures of them! The park was created in the 17th century as a deer park and today it is the largest of London’s Royal Parks. Throughout the history of the park the deers have played a big role and they have been shaping the landscape. Today there are still 630 Red and Fallow deers left. Actually the park is a place of importance for wildlife conservation and is a national nature reserve.

The next destination in UK involved one of Peter’s big interest – cars! They went to a festival called “Goodwood Revival” which is a historic motorsport and aviation event. At this festival you will see cars and motorcycles that would have competed between 1948-1966. It takes place at Goodwood Circuit which is known as a historic venue for motorsport in the United Kingdom. Peter was really exited about this festival, so I must go there myself sometime in the future!

In one of the pictures you can see Peter standing behind a red Jaguar. This car is a SS100 Jaguar model and is a British 2-seat sports car built between 1936-1940 by SS Cars LTD. In the thirties it was common to use a animal name for the products and from 1935 all cars from that company were named Jaguar, and later on they renamed the company to “Jaguar Cars Limited”. The reason why they named the car “100” was because it reflected the theoretical 100 mph maximum speed of the vehicle (approx 161 km/h).

Well, this sums up the first part of the trip. It sounds like he had a great time. I will tell you guys more another time, but now I will go out for Devonshire Tea!



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  • Cui
    January 15, 2016 at 12:51 pm
    Cui says:

    Thank you show us your wonderful trip!! I am happy to see family time, the nature things and beautiful cars! I love that…..


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