SpongeBob's Adventures

Spongebob is Stuck!

We know that Spongebob likes to travel, but his most recent trip was quite a surprise! Whilst visiting Saudi Arabia, he somehow made it into the mouth of a 16-month-old boy who had been taken to hospital after he had tried to take a bite out of Spongebob. Radiologist Dr Ghofran Ageely at King Abdulaziz.

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Honey anyone?

We have some new members to our worksite! Can you guess who they are? Here are some clues: 1. Don’t get to close or they’ll sting 2. Listen carefully for a light humming in the air 3. They love their queen 4. They communicate by dancing Yes, hundreds of bees have moved in and have.

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Antioxidants are vital to help combat the damaging effects of free radicals and protect our skin and bodies cells. Free radical damage is caused by the effects of the suns harmful rays, pollution, cigarette smoke, unhealthy diets, medications and other external environmental factors. We consume antioxidants through certain foods but our skin also needs extra.

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Red Wine, Healthy Wine

By N.Hutton Archeological evidence suggests that wine was enjoyed by the ancient Egyptian, Greek, Arab and Chinese civilizations, and in fact residues of red wine have been found in 7,000-year-old grape-based wine, the oldest archeological evidence for winemaking, discovered in the 1960s in Hajji Firuz Tepe, Iran. See below for the ancient terracotta jar it.

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Spongbob visits: The Tower Of London

Despite the temperamental English weather, Spongebob and I took a little journey to central London to see the crown jewels in the Tower of London! Spongebob was a little scared of the Guards with the big hats! But he loved seeing all the beautiful jewels – unfortunately due to security we weren’t allowed to take.

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What do you eat?

Since spongebob arrived in London last week it hasn’t stopped raining. Unfortunately there is not much to do when it won’t stop raining but to stay inside where it is nice and warm with a cup of tea (spongebob tells me he likes the green tea I have been making him). So to fill in.

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