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Holiday Down Under

After Peter’s stories from Europe I thought it was time for me to go travelling too. I didn’t want to be away for too long so I chose to stay in Australia and experience some of its nice cities.

Tower EyeFirst stop was Sydney. Sydney is in the state of New South Wales and is has a population of 4,9 million people. Such a nice city and it was perfect weather the whole time! Sydney is a big city and I didn’t have time to see everything but I did manage to make the most of the days I was there. Five days packed with activities – Bondi Beach, Manly Beach, sightseeing tour on Hop-on Hop-off bus, eating close to Circular Quay with view over the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge, Drinks at Darling Harbour, strolling down the streets of The Rocks, Late dinner in China Town, looking at the city from above at the observation deck of The Sydney Tower Eye, relaxing in The Royal Botanic Gardens and visiting the Bethel of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Now that I think about it I did actually see quite a few places!

After five days in Sydney it was time to go to the next destination – Port Douglas! This city is situated in the state of Queensland a couple of hours away from Cairns airport. Accommodation was a nice apartment in a resort with two pools within walking distance to restaurants, the marina and shops. It was perfect for me! I planned to have a few days relaxing by the pool but I also wanted to visit some places. First destination was the Great Barrier Reef! I really felt at home when I was there. To say hello to all the fish and meeting a giant sea turtle was really awesome! They told me that the rumour of me, Spongebob, has spread to all the corners of the sea. How cool is that?

Great Barrier ReefEven though it was nice  to be in the sea again it was also a bit sad to see how the corals was dying. As you can see at the picture to the right the corals has been bleached and are therefore partially white. I read following on National Geographic: “Bleaching occurs when warm ocean water stresses corals to the point that they expel the tiny algae, known as zooxanthellae, that normally live inside their tissues. The algae provide the corals with most of their food, as well as their color. If the heat stress is lessened soon enough, the coral can recover. If not the, organisms will die”. The warm ocean happens due to the climate changes that is seen in the world today. One of the instructors on the boat told that the reef will probably die out in the future and we will not be able to enjoy the magnificent and beautiful scenery anymore.  How sad to think about!

I also went to Daintree Rainforrest and Cape Tribulation. Even though it was raining all day I still had a good time. I did have one bad experience though.. I met this really big spider that looked at me with these evil eyes. It was bigger than me and I was afraid it would eat me or something.. I’m definitely not a fan of spiders! But let us put that aside. The tour guide told me that I came on a perfect time to experience the rainforest. It was wet season, which meant that all the trees and plants were lush and green. In the dry season it doesn’t look like a rainforest at all apparently.

I had a really nice holiday and I didn’t even have to travel that far to experience the atmosphere of the metropolitan, the beautiful nature and delicious food. Hope you feel inspired to go and travel to these places after reading this. I can definitely recommend it!


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