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giving make us happy.

When we have something to share with others it shows that we truly care about them
Recently some of Spongebob’s friends gave him a gift and he wants to share it with everyone reading.
Kira and Brigid from Melbourne put time, effort and resources into drawing beautiful pictures for Spongebob.
He wants to say thank you for these thoughtful gifts and let you know that they are appreciated.

It makes us happy to give gifts to other people and show them that we care about them.
What gifts do you like to share? When you receive a gift do you remember to say thank you?

Thank you Kira and Brigid for your pictures!

Spongebob by Brigid

Spongebob by Kira

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  • Cui
    July 30, 2015 at 12:22 pm
    Cui says:

    Very good point. I like this paint and article!


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