SpongeBob's Adventures

Holiday Down Under

After Peter’s stories from Europe I thought it was time for me to go travelling too. I didn’t want to be away for too long so I chose to stay in Australia and experience some of its nice cities. First stop was Sydney. Sydney is in the state of New South Wales and is has.

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Peters European Adventure – Part 3

Destination London! So Peter and Angie went back to London again and this time they had time to visite a very interesting place – The British Museum. In this museum there are different departments or exhibits to see. They chose to have a closer look at the department of ancient Egypt and Sudan and the department of the.

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Peters European Adventure – Part 2

So i’m back again and I can’t wait to show you some of the pictures from their next destination, Croatia! They went to two different cities – Dubrovnik and Zagreb. First, let me tell a little about the town Dubrovnik. It is a city in southern Croatia facing the Adriatic Sea. It has well-kept buildings from.

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Peters European Adventure – Part 1

So its been a while since the last post. But after my huge success in my newest movie “The Spongebob movie: Sponge out of Water”, it was time for a break. So what is new? Well, Peter just told me all about his trip to Europe, it was so exiting that I need to tell.

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giving make us happy.

When we have something to share with others it shows that we truly care about them Recently some of Spongebob’s friends gave him a gift and he wants to share it with everyone reading. Kira and Brigid from Melbourne put time, effort and resources into drawing beautiful pictures for Spongebob. He wants to say thank.

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SpongeBob learns about Olive Oil

Spongebob loves to learn about things that are healthy for your body, and his latest interest is Olive Oil. He read a new article about an ingredient found in extra-virgin olive oil called ‘oleocanthal’ that has been known as a compound capable of killing a variety of human cancer cells. A team of researchers has.

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