SpongeBob's Adventures

Cobb & Co in the Strathbogie Ranges

Throughout SpongeBob’s adventures in Australia he has taken quite a liking to the Australian landscape in particular, the countryside. One of the things he loves to do when he goes to work with Peter is to stare at the beautiful Australian paintings in the office by local artist Richard Linton. Last week SpongeBob was excited.

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SpongeBob to the rescue!

This morning SpongeBob arrived at work to see some baby Gold Finch had fallen out of their nest and couldn’t fly back into the tree. SpongeBob was very concerned because he knows that baby birds are easy prey for many predators like cats, rats and larger birds. The two baby Finch were very upset and.

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Charlotte’s final adventure.

Charlotte has been very close to not only SpongeBob’s heart but all our friends, families and readers heart. We have watched her battle on and on, growing stronger in spirit yet weaker physically. On Monday 16th December 2013 during the morning, Charlotte went to sleep peacefully with her family by her. Her life while small.

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Have you ever heard of Kimchi?

This winter, our SpongeBob visited Korea which was covered with snow. In winter, Korean people make kimchi for the winter. It is really called “Kimjang Kimchi” but it is easier to just say Kimchi. This food is a national Korean food. Korean Kimchi is quite pungent but is very delicious. Kimchi is usually made with.

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Where will you go on your holiday?

SpongeBob is excited because soon it will be holiday time! A lot of his friends are going away on holidays. One of his friends is travelling to Europe to visit family. And another of his friends is going camping. SpongeBob loves camping! In Australia there are many beautiful places to camp and SpongeBob has visited.

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Monkey Madness

SpongeBob has been thinking a lot about his friends under the sea, and he misses them terribly! He has noticed that things on land and things under the sea look quite different! Recently he visited his friend Desiree’s house and she showed him lots of pictures of exciting places and friends she had made. SpongeBob.

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