SpongeBob's Adventures

SpongeBob meets fellow workers.

A few days ago, SpongeBob went to an interesting place where inventions are made. And job of friends to see today and SpongeBob’s job are quite similar. Can you see the unique-looking guys in the photograph? These guys are called toothbrushes! SpongeBob has never seen anything so unusual in all his life! Our SpongeBob has.

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SpongeBob goes out to the field.

The harvest season is finally here. Our SpongeBob often went to the field and stood guard over it in his spare time. But a few days ago, the heavy rain did great damage to the crops. Just because it has a poor harvest does not mean he can just sit by and watch this tragedy.

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SpongeBob went to a valley.

On August the 7th, it was passed initial day of autumn, but it is still scorching hot. So Kate, jun and SpongBob went to a little valley near their house. Kate heard about a valley of pure and clear water is pouring down it, within half hour of her house.The name is Dongwol valley, Kate.

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An amazing world of colour!

When SpongeBob opened his eyes, he had sweat all over his body. It was already 33 degrees outside. SpongeBob had become soggy in this hot weather, and he didn’t dare to go outside for fear of being boiled in the hot sun. Kate found SpongeBob dashing cold water onto his body and called out, “SpongeBob! Let’s.

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