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Barossa winemaking legend Peter Lehmann dies

Verity Edwards From: The Australian June 28, 2013 2:47PM LEGENDARY South Australian winemaker Peter Lehmann – the Baron of the Barossa – has died at 82. Lehmann suffered from kidney disease and reportedly died in hospital in Adelaide after surgery this week. One of the nation’s most respected winemakers, he is survived by his wife.

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Where do nachos come from?

If you live in a Spanish-speaking country and your parents named you Ignacio, there’s a good chance your school friends will call you Nacho, just as Francisco is Paco and Juan Jose is Juanjo. Most American sources attribute nachos to a bloke called Nacho Anaya, who was working in the Victory Club in Ciudad Acuna,.

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Konik ponies

Recently I went for a short holiday to Cambridgeshire, a county north of London, England. It was a really beautiful day, and so my friends and I took a trip to a protected nature reserve called Wicken Fen. I just LOVE horses and ponies, so when I heard there were wild ponies in the reserve.

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SpongeBob has concern for our Worlds Weather.

In Korea, we have four seasons in one year : spring, summer, fall and winter. Our SpongeBob felt drawn to Korea’s stable weather. Contrary to his expectation, Korea’s weather has been unpredictable recently. We had an unseasonable snow in the middle of April, cold destroyed flowers and buds, funny thing is, it was quite warm,.

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My new friend – Cho-rong

This is SpongeBob’s new friend. How cute! This is a tame rabbit called “Lionhead”. She is two years old, and is named Cho-rong because her eyes twinkle. She is as popular as SpongeBob and has just as many friends as he does. I’m sure that she is aware of her own popularity, because when she.

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Chelsea Flower Show

An Alcove (Tokonoma) Garden Sponsored bySekisui Heim Tokai, HB-101, Art Grage, Jyutaro Home Designed by Kazuyuki Ishihara Built by Ishihara Kazauyuki Design Laboratory This garden represents an alcove within a traditional Japanese tatami room, decorated with a hanging scroll and flowers to delight and enchant. It is part of Japanese culture to speak with important.

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