SpongeBob's Adventures

Charlotte’s Baby Rabbit

    I think every little girl would love to cuddle a baby rabbit, look at Charlotte’s huge smile she loves this little creature, I wonder if it’s a boy or a girl, and I wonder if Charlotte has thought of a name. Can you think of a name?       Now this looks.

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SpongeBob Travels to the big city, Ulsan in Korea.

Where is Ulsan? Korean maps seems as if a tiger is sitting sideways. in plain language, tail section of tiger is Ulsan.                   <—- this part is Ulsan.         This Ulsan is the second richest city in Korea, as an industrial city. The many.

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SpongeBob tries to help Farmers and wild animals

Recently, farmers in Kate’s village had a serious worry. Wild animals often appear at the farmhouses. This is not a problem for only the farmers living in Kate’s village. Due to rapid urbanization, many farming villages have had a real headache dealing with the wild animals. People build furniture by cutting down trees and clear.

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SpongeBob’s New Forest Friends.

Kate and her husband, Joon thought SpongeBob looked too bored to stay at home on this perfect spring day. On Labor Day, May 1st, Joon had the day off from work. So that day he decided to introduce Spongy to some friends that he encountered last spring, friends deep in the forest. “SpongsBob! l know.

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