SpongeBob's Adventures

Pu-erh tea from highland

Xishuangbanna is famous for its tea. The area is one of the oldest in the world to grow tea leaves. During Tang dynasty (600-700 C.E.), the tea leaves produced here were exported to Sichuan, Tibet and India. SpongeBob visited a tea shop in a town on a highland and tried the local pu-erh tea. It.

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SpongeBob likes Bananas!

Sponge Bob loves fruits, and he especially loves bananas. So one day Sean decided to take him to an area in the south of China where people grow bananas. We took 1.5 hours bus ride from the city and came to a small village near China-Myanmar border. People there grow bananas and rubber trees. During.

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Local Dai Food

When SpongeBob visited the banana village, local people kindly invited him for lunch. An old lady cooked local Dai food. People here are called Dai people, and their culture is related to Thai people. SpongeBob was impressed with the food, especially the bambooshoot soup! It has local bambooshoot, mint, and fish. It is sour and.

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