SpongeBob's Adventures

Fish Fingers and Frog Finding

Yesterday Charlotte came to play at the office with SpongeBob and Uncle Peter. SpongeBob and Charlotte both love to explore and play with the fish in the pond. Charlotte put her hands in the water and the orange goldfish came straight up to nibble on her fingers. We decided to put our feet in the.

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Snow time in China

It was snowing large flakes early in the morning in a special part of China on November 4th. “Oh Ying! It’s snowing large flakes outside!”, surprised Kate shouted. “Oh, yeah! lt is snowing!”, replied Ying. It looked like tiny sponges were floating in the air. So just like a child, SpongeBob ran out the door.  .

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SpongeBob goes on an island getaway

SpongeBob has been feeling a bit stressed lately as he gets back into routine after his return from his business trip to China. While SpongeBob did have a wonderful time visiting old friends and making new ones in China, he felt that he needed a holiday to unwind and relax. And we all know that.

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Kate and Pomelo SpongeBob

Kate is a new friend of SpongeBob’s. They met early one morning when Kate went for a visit to Haruna’s house. Kate and Haruna talked about all of SpongeBob’s travelling adventures and why he was able to travel all around the world meeting new people. The first time they met, Kate knew she loved SpongeBob..

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