SpongeBob's Adventures

SpongeBob learns how to make a wine glass

SpongeBob loves drinking bubbly water and chocolate milk! On his most recent trip back to China, SpongeBob was feeling a little left out watching everyone taste wine from fancy wine glasses while all he had was a plain chocolate milk bottle. So he decided to go in search of a fancy glass for his fancy.

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Baby love

Babies, babies, babies.. These cute baby girls aren’t always as innocent and sweet as they look, but SpongeBob came to the rescue and they were fascinated….and quiet. SpongeBob uses his incredible abilities to stop children from crying, fidgeting and arguing. Even their poopy nappies do not disable SpongeBob’s skills. When a baby is having a tantrum,.

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Update on Charlotte

Just a brief update on the latest events with Charlote. Unfortunately Charlotte’s condition has recently deteriorated to the extent that she required major surgery and is facing an uphill battle. A new tumour has appeared on Charlotte’s lung and it is at an advanced stage, requiring immediate action. At this stage this is all the.

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SpongeBob’s Girl?

Recently SpongeBob took a trip back to his home country of China. He caught up with friends, ate dumplings and made some new acquaintances. One of his newest friends sent him a “selfy” – a picture of herself. SpongeBob was a little bit worried because the name of the picture was SpongeBob’s girl. SpongeBob wasn’t aware.

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