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Maccu Picchu

Everyone says, “You have to visit Maccu Picchu if you are in Peru!” Maccu Picchu (or “Ma-Pi” as the locals call it!) is as a world heritage site and one of the few Inca sites that did not get discovered and destroyed when the Spaniards invaded the country. The reason it was not found is because.

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The South of America!!

Many people have been to the north of America but not to the south. To be honest, SpongeBob and Jasmine did not know what to expect from South America. Each part of the world has its own unique culture- language, food, landscape, currency, and the list goes on.. The journey would be mostly of Peru.

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Floating Islands on Lake Titicaca

Ever heard of Lake Titicaca?? Yes, most of us learnt about this lake at high school and had a little giggle about the name! It is the largest lake in South America and spreads over 2 countries!! It is also the highest lake in the world! On the tour guide, Spongey learnt that in Spanish.

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Visit to a volcano and the equator!

  Bubbling lava and red hot magma exploding out onto the ground on which you are standing… this was not on SpongeBob’s bucket list. But then again if you were in Ecuador and had the opportunity to see 13 volcanoes.. would you do it? Fortunately the volcanoes are dormant. The last eruption occurred in 1999.

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Kira and SpongeBob’s Travels

When I first started this blog I came to Australia with dreams of sunbaking on a magnificent beach in a tropical destination! I am pleased to say that dream has become reality… my passport is continuing to get filled with colourful stamps and I have sent out many postcards to my dear friends! My friend.

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