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English country walk

When you think of a holiday in England, what comes to your mind? Big Ben (recently renamed “the Elizabeth Tower”), a red double-Decker bus, the London Eye? True, London is a fantastic, energetic and interesting city but there are other things to do in England. Did you know that England still boasts unspoilt beautiful countryside.

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Journey with Dr SpongeBob:Beijing Duck in Qinghai

Some Good News!

We’ve just received some good news about Charlotte and it appears that the Chemo is working and the tumour is shrinking!

Welcome to your new home Chihuahua!

Chihuahua. Have you ever heard of that before?? Pronounced cha-wow-wa… Did you know it is a breed of dog! It is the smallest breed of dog in the world and Charlotte has just adopted a new short-haired Chihuahua named Chloe! Charlotte has never owned a puppy before but she does have a capybara. I wonder.

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Charlotte has some fun!

Charlotte went to a very fun and exciting new place, where there are very friendly people for little boys and girls to play with! At this place Charlotte played in a sports car! In the sports car, her Uncle told her about a special visitor that she would have to find. This visitor was hiding.

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