SpongeBob's Adventures

Journey with Dr SpongeBob

What a long journey, possibly the longest SpongeBob has had so far! As you can see, his travels began in Beijing in Northern China and his destination was a North-Western area of China called Qinghai. To get to Xining, Qinghai you must hop on a train ride for 24 hours! An entire day! But SpongeBob.

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The next stage

Hello this is Lisa here, Andrews wife and Charlottes mum. Just wanted to thank you all for your support, we have really appreciated the kindness that you’ve shown and the support for our daughter. We are so thankful that during this difficult time your thoughts are with us and in particular with Charlotte. We hope.

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It’s a horse of course!

Charlotte’s favourite animal is a horse! and who could question her? Aren’t they absolutely beautiful animals, that are very friendly if you are friendly to them!! Their manes and coats are so shiny and smooth.. They can walk, trot, and gallop which is what wild horses do when they have to get somewhere very fast!.

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How to boost Iron

Charlotte’s cousin sent her some information about boosting her Iron and Charlotte wanted to share the information with anyone who might be sick like her. These are only suggestions and Charlotte’s cousin isn’t a doctor but maybe someone else will find these tips helpful as well: If you feel like a smoothie you could add.

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SpongeBob visits the nursing home

Recently Spongebob went to an aged care centre to check out the resident rabbit.  Her name is Bonnie but she is only a baby and still has plenty of growing to do. She is very placid and the residents there love to hold and cuddle her.  Not many things brighten up the day for those who.

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Charlotte makes a new friend

On Saturday Charlotte had a special visitor come to the hospital. This visitor was very pretty and had thick black curly hair in piggy tails with bows. She also had pink nail polish on her toes and her name was Ebony. Charlotte and Ebony quickly became friends. Charlotte wanted to introduce Ebony to another friend.

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