SpongeBob's Adventures

Guessing Game

Kira is SpongeBob’s little friend that has been helping him pack for his next holiday. Kira lives in Melbourne and she knows about his next holiday… but we aren’t going to tell you where his next holiday is! You have to guess where he is going! We will give you some clues and you can.

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Fellow Sponges

SpongeBob is still getting used to living in Australia! When he lived in the ocean, he was the cleanest sea creature you ever met. In fact he helped clean the ocean!! Every day he would act like a pool filter and filter about 20 Litres of water. But in Australia he gets dry, dusty and.

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Congrats Matt & Flick!!

We have been keeping track of SpongeBob’s chauffeur business and all the exciting events he has been attending. We have more photos of the engagement party and wedding of our good friends Matt and Flick. Matt and Flick’s friends had spent weeks preparing for the party, planning and making platters of food, arranging invitations and.

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SpongeBob travels to the great Murray River

SpongeBob’s adventures around Australia continued this weekend as he travelled North to New South Wales (NSW) to visit the people who lived in the little town of Barham. SpongeBob travelled up with a big group of friends and family who were all very excited to meet the people in this town because they do not.

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I’m going for SpongeBob!

Recently we read an article about a 3 year old toddler in Ballarat who climbed inside a vending machine because he wanted a SpongeBob toy. When our SpongeBob read this article, he felt sorry that the little boy didn’t have a Sponge of his own. SpongeBob believes that everyone should have a SpongeBob. What would.

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SpongeBob’s Family Adventure

Check out SpongeBob’s recent family adventure! Youku video found at: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzU4MzgwNTI0.html SpongeBob had a great experience when he was invited to join the Papworth family holiday to Mount Hotham, Victoria, Australia. SpongeBob was sure he would have a great time because he had Josh and Kayla to play with. He was also excited to see.

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