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More sights to see

An update on Peter & Angie’s Hotham Trip: If you look at these hills covered in grey, misty trees, it looks like an old man’s beard. And it looks so soft and fluffy doesn’t it! Another interesting spot that they found was this refuge hut. In the mountains these huts are to provide food, warmth.

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My friend the Fireman!

Yesterday in the post “Hotham“, we mentioned Victoria’s bush fires and ironically today there was a fire! No need to be worried though because it was only a small fire, caused by… you’ll never guess.. a toaster! The fire didn’t even start because of burnt toast, but because of an electrical fault. So the CFA.

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Wild Flowers

Today Angie and SpongeBob went for a frolic in a field of native alpine wild flowers. Australia has many unique wild flowers suited to a very dry continent. SpongeBob loves sitting among the flowers in the cool grass enjoying the cool alpine air and warm sunshine. But he was a bit worried about the bugs.

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Morning on the Mountain

Mt Hotham is amazing today not only because of the weather but also because there are no people around. This means it’s really peaceful and quiet. Mt Hotham is usually very busy during winter, because it snows and everyone comes here to ski or snowboard. But we are here during Summer so there aren’t many.

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What’s your favourite Sushi?

To all my Japanese friends… I love sushi! It’s a good thing that everyone in the office likes sushi so I often get to eat it (if they are in a sharing mood!) Look at all this.. it’s probably too much for me to eat but my favourite is california roll. What’s not to like.

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5 hours out of Melbourne is Hotham… The “camping grounds” are more fancy than normal camp sites, so SpongeBob is very impressed. Peter, Angie and SpongeBob have arrived and found snow gumtrees at last! And it’s swimming weather! They have been watching everyone have fun splashing around on the slide and in the pool, but.

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