SpongeBob's Adventures

Birdy versus SpongeBob

Today I went to Dandenong mountain. While I was sitting on the fence a crimson rosella came to inspect who was sitting on his patch. Australia has many colourful parrots and cockatoos and this is one of them. Mostly they are left handed…I mean left footed, (that means when they eat certain foods they always.

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Peter the mechanic has been working very hard! The car he is working on at the moment is for a wedding! One of our friends is getting married in January and we are very excited for her. Peter goes to the warehouse and sometimes we don’t even realise he is here because he literally has.

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A new SpongeBob.

After spending some time away from home, we tend to let ourselves get a bit smelly (not so pleasant for the people who have to smell us but that’s the way it is). We might not shave for a while, spread out the days between showers, be a bit care free. SpongeBob is no different.

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Under The Sea in Portsea

At the very south of Melbourne’s bay, in a little town called Portsea, Vinka had taken her snorkel and goggles for an underwater adventure. There were many sea creatures to see once you began to dive and after a short while, Vinka stumbled across something very relevant to this blog! She found a sponge garden.

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Secret Garden.

When all is quiet, and the office is still Then Peter requires a coffee re-fill. He seeks to relax, chill out for a bit So searches for somewhere secluded to sit. The weather is fine, the sun shines bright Where’s a shady spot, still with plenty of light? Peter wants to escape, reboot his power.

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We had some visitors for lunch today and were able to sit outside with short sleeves and enjoy the cool breeze. Graeme prepared a yummy Indian inspired meal (in case you don’t know who Graeme is- he is the one in the bright green top). The view was beautiful out over the bushy reserve, but.

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